Google AdWords management for Tropic Breeze

It’s very overcast and grey here as I’m writing this. Feels like there might be a thunderstorm brewing, or at least the chance of heavy rain.

Meanwhile, I’ve been optimising AdWords campaigns for luxury holidays in the Caribbean and the Maldives for our client Tropic Breeze. All of the photos for these resorts show expanses of white sand, blue skies and crystal clear ocean plus incredibly luxurious hotel rooms.


You won’t believe me if I say I’d probably hate it. I sunburn easily. I don’t like hot weather. Honestly, this is all true. But strange as it may sound, I do enjoy running pay-per-click campaigns for Tropic Breeze.

Tropic Breeze asked us to manage their AdWords campaigns, which are critical to their business, because a) we’re one of a handful of agencies in the southwest to have achieved Google Partner status and b) we also manage their website for them. Very few agencies are able to offer the complete package of website management¬†and AdWords management because they are very different skills. But there are big advantages in having a single agency do both – AdWords performance can inform website development and vice versa.


You know, I probably could run AdWords campaigns from that hotel, and it looks shaded enough for me to avoid the sunburn and not get too much glare on my laptop screen. Maybe I could even write ad text, sort out keyword lists and optimise bid adjustments from the private pool.

I feel the need to play some 10cc…

I don’t like cricket-ah…I love it-ah…I don’t like reggae-ah no no..I love it…

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By Mark Poles

Chartered Accountant, Google Qualified Advertising Professional, Google Analytics Qualified Individual, creator of "You're Hired!".