Website Management

We’ve all seen websites that are obviously out of date – and they don’t make a good impression. But even sites that aren’t obviously dated could often work better if they were actively managed.

The technology of the internet changes all the time – new web browsers, server software, smartphones and tablets mean that the experience of your website may be quite different for users a few years after it is launched.  Your site may need security patches to ensure it doesn’t become infested with viruses or other internet nuisances.

Search engines also tend to prioritise sites that are regularly updated. Adding news stories, job vacancies,  opinion pieces, special event pages will make your site more interesting to website visitors as well as to Google.

Content Management

You may well want to add some of this information to the website yourself.  Almost all of our website clients now ask for sites with content management systems, which allow them to add their own information and news stories using a simple password-protected interface similar to that of a blog or a facebook post.  Depending on the needs of your site and organisation, we may recommend using an Open Source content management system such as Drupal or WordPress.  We have extensive experience of creating exciting and engaging websites using both systems and can advise on which would best suit your needs.

We have also created sites with entirely custom-built content management.  This approach is more costly initially, but does give you enormous power and flexibility: your website can do pretty much anything you want.

Manage my website please!

Most people find that there are some updates that are trickier than others, where they need a helping hand with installing updates or creating custom functionality.   We are happy to work on this on an ‘as needed’ basis although several of our customers prefer to have management contracts in place, which helps with time planning and ensures that software updates are processed regularly.

We can also help with writing up content or periodic site reviews, if required. If yours is the kind of organisation that struggles with getting information written up into a useable form, let us know.  We offer search engine friendly copywriting services which might be just the job.


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