Thank you to all our customers for helping us support Oldies Club dog rescue

This post is just a quick THANK YOU to all our lovely customers for supporting Clare Associates, and letting us support one of my favorite charities.

The Oldies Club is a charity  that helps old dogs (aged 7 or older) that have become homeless, both by taking them in and rehoming them, and also by working with hundreds of other dog rescues alll around the UK to publicise their old dogs waiting for homes.  The Oldies Club is entirely run by volunteers, and all the old dogs they rehome are looked after in foster homes.

Clare Associates created the Oldies Club website, and we have supported them since 2005 by hosting their very popular website.  Our customers have helped us pay for that web hosting, and we hope that as well as getting good, fast web hosting, it will cheer you up to know you are contributing to help dogs like Perdy!

DSC00597  DSC00480

Perdy spent some time recently ‘helping out’ at Clare Associates, and she is still looking for a home.   Perdy is living in a foster home in Cornwall: you can find out more about her here.

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