Writer and Archaeologist Louise Turner: website launch

As a history fan, I was delighted to be approached by archaeologist and writer Louise Turner, who wanted a new website created to promote her debut novel, Fire & Sword: a story set among the turmoil of late fifteenth century Scotland.

Fire_and_Sword_Novel_Scotland_smAs well as the usual ‘about the author’  and background content, Louise was keen to provide information on all the carefully-researched locations mentioned in the book, some of which are now obscure and hard to find.

We’re still working on developing that part of the project but here you can find maps of Scotland and Renfrewshire with mouse-over contextual links to some of the excellent background information that Louise has brought together.  We’re hoping that this will give the site a little search engine advantage in the local market too.

You can preview chapter 1 of Fire & Sword here

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