Website revamp for Blackcat Plymouth

Blackcat Plymouth operate a sameday courier service and also a trailered car transport service – based in Plymouth, they operate across the UK, and need a website to showcase their services.  blackcat

We originally created a website for Blackcat way back in 2006, and although it had been updated several times since then, it was well overdue for an update.

Unusually nowadays, there was no requirement on this website for a content management system: the content was all ready to go and the site would not need any regular updates by the business owner: instead I would be doing them myself. So, I took the opportunity to build this site from scratch, just using a simple text editor to create the code.  This approach meant a very clean, lean presentation – there’s nothing at all in the code that isn’t required for this site.   It makes a nice change from repurposing software built for a range of purposes, which is the kind of job I spend a lot of time on generally.

I wrote the new look and feel in modern HTML 5 code, and added a very simple reviews system using php and Jquery.  This allows people to post a review of the Blackcat service.  The reviews are then held in a queue so that they can be checked for inappropriate content (and any spam we didn’t manage to filter out automatically) and approved by the site owner.

I also added a simple photo gallery to showcase the range of vehicles transported.

And here it is:


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