WordPress Users: Sometimes it’s not good to share

This is a Public Service announcement.  I hope it will be useful!

If you have a WordPress website or blog, and you have administrator access to it, that’s YOUR administrator access.  It’s for you, only.

DON’T share your username and password with your cousin/friend/grandson/Great Aunt Fanny when they offer to ‘help out’ with a blog post, an article or some extra photos.  Sharing passwords at least doubles the likelihood that your password will end up in the wrong hands.  That could mean that your website will end up advertising Gentleman’s Stiffeners,  sending unfortunate emails, and generally causing you a world of woe.  It also means that if something does go wrong, it’s much harder to use the lovely WordPress history functions to work out what went wrong and make sure it doesnt’ happen again.


Instead, set up separate user accounts for each of your helpers, with no more access than they actually need.  It’s easy to do, and honestly, if you don’t, the chances are high that you will regret it.

This also applies to other content management systems – Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, CMS Made Simple,  and so on.  But I’m mentioning WordPress here because it’s such a popular system, and I’ve run across three separate organisations sharing WordPress passwords in the last 24 hours!


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