Google rolls out ‘My Business’ – what a relief!

We talk to a lot of small local businesses, and something we usually recommend is that small businesses should claim their ‘Google Places for Business’ record.  This is the record that should show up when you google your own company name, with a link to your location and the opportunity to enter other details – here’s ours:

Usually at this point, the business owner we are talking to groans loudly “Not Google Places!  It’s SO confusing!!!”

So, you’d be forgiven for groaning again, when I tell you that Google Places has been replaced, rolled into the new Google My Business.  But don’t despair – the new My Business setup is a lot easier to use, and seems likely to reduce the problem many small businesses have where they have ended up with multiple Google accounts, and no idea what is connected to which account (One business we’ve been working with recently had 7 Google accounts for the business!  It was very confusing.)

You now have a nice unified dashboard for managing your Page, all in one place.



So, if you’ve been boggled by Google Places / Google Local in the past, why not give it another go?

Check out the official Google announcement here

Get started with Google My Business here

Still boggled?  If you’d like to talk to us about getting your google My Business listing sorted out, why not drop us an email or give us a ring on 01822 835802?



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