How to give us access to your Google AdWords account

OK, so you’ve decided that you want someone qualified to look after your AdWords account, a Google Partner in fact. And let’s assume that you’ve selected us.

Now how do you actually go about giving us access to your account?

What you don’t do is go to the Account Access screen, and add our email address. That approach works for someone who doesn’t already have an AdWords account (someone in your company perhaps), but it doesn’t work for an agency like us.

Instead, what you have to do is email us your AdWords customer ID. That’s the number that you can see in the top right of any AdWords screen. We then use the number to request access to your account. We’ll email you when we’ve done this and ask you to sign back into your AdWords account.

When you next sign in, you’ll see a message saying that we have asked for access to manage your AdWords account. Click the button marked “Yes, I accept. I understand…”

Now email us back and tell us that you’ve done this.

(Assuming you have Administrator access, you can revoke this access at any time.)

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By Mark Poles

Chartered Accountant, Google Qualified Advertising Professional, Google Analytics Qualified Individual, creator of "You're Hired!".