Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group – wildlife sightings recording and management system launched 2008

The Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group website is a lottery-funded project created using thepeacockcontent management system Drupal.   The Group had been collecting paper records and assembling an Access database of wildlife sightings, and had been given funding to transform this data collection work into an online collection and reporting system.

By using Drupal, we were able to give volunteers within the group considerable ability to produce custom reports and enter and manage data, without custom-building everything (which would have been prohibitively expensive).  We chose Drupal for this project, because it offers a powerful solution to data processing and also has an excellent built-in system of user management, with multiple tiers to allow different levels of access to different groups.

We also used Drupal to create a multi-user gallery system for photos of local wildlife.

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