New Website for Lower Hearson Holiday Cottages : August 2003

Lower Hearson holiday cottages in North Devon needed a website to be created for them.Lower Hearson Holiday Cottages

They were looking for a website designer that would understand their business model, and be prepared to give them the support they needed in the long term.  The owners of the holiday cottages did not want to become internet experts : instead, they wanted to be able to call on people who would advise them appopriately.

We helped them get suitable photography, and guided them towards creating content that would attract searchers to their website.  Although Lower Hearson Farm is not far from the coast, it’s a farm/rural location rather than a seaside one, and the site owners wanted to make the best of this peaceful setting.

We built a custom-built website which included a simple content management system to allow them to update and change pages.  We provided a personal, hands-on training session (with take-away quick reference sheet) to help them use this.




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