TAVATA Online Marketing Workshop – List of Resources

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And for those of you who thought the best part of our workshop was all that stuff about baseball…


What are your accommodation directory listings doing for you?

  • How does you offering compare to the directory’s? (For example, are they mostly advertising to people looking for beach holidays while you are inland?)
  • Where do you appear? First page of results? Fourth page?
  • Where do you appear today? (that is, you need to keep checking this)
  • Which category are you listed under? Is more than one category (e.g. “luxury cottages”, “self catering”) appropriate, or even allowed?
  • How does you entry look compared to other entries? Compare the quality of your listing copy and your photographs.
  • Are your photographs good quality, professional looking photos that really entice the viewer? Do they show the things that visitors to this directory are interested in? (So, if you’re advertising on a directory like dartmooraccommodation.co.uk, make sure your entry shows your fantastic view of Dartmoor.) Was it bright and sunny when the photos were taken, or grey and dismal?
  • How do your prices compare? Do you look expensive compared to other entries?
  • Do you have any customer reviews? Are they good? Are they excellent?
  • Does the directory website direct traffic to your site? (Analytics can give you the answer to this, and tell you how interested they were when they got to your site.)
  • If the directory has a “special offers” category, always make sure that you have some special offers listed.