New Caribbean Weddings website

Caribbean Weddings is a new project from Tropic Breeze – a specialist independent Caribbean tour operator.  People who are planning weddings in the Caribbean need different information to customers who are booking family holidays,  so we developed this new website in order to focus on providing all the details needed for this particular market.

This site has a content management system that is integrated with the main Tropic Breeze website, to allow easy control of both sites and their separate content from one central location.

The site was custom-built using responsive design – a system which allows a website to adapt to different devices being used to view it.    On a phone, the page and images resize so that users don’t need to scroll from side to side when viewing the site, and the spacing is wider to make the links easier to tap on.    There’s still some work to be done on improving this as the site is bedded in and tested with real customers, but so far it’s looking promising.



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