Website Design & Creation

People almost never want us to just design their websites – even when they say they do. We don’t just do design. What we do is website creation.

Our website creation service gives you a lot more than just web design.

What is ‘good web design?’

A website may look good, but if nobody knows it’s out there, then it is not fulfilling its function. A website needs to be search engine friendly, with relevant content that will attract the right visitors. Submitting and resubmitting the web site to search engines won’t bring any traffic if the site doesn’t contain the words that people are searching the web for.


Search engine friendly design

Websites we build are structured to be search engine friendly. We target the major search engines that will drive the majority of traffic to your site. This approach can mean the difference between a place in the top ten search results or a listing further down the ranks.

Accessibility and Usability

When someone visits your website, we want them to stay! The look of the site is important, the web is a visual medium after all, but it also needs to be easy to use. That means a clear layout that works on old and new computers. People use a wide range of software to browse the web, and it doesn’t all work in the same way. Your site needs to be accessible to everyone so you won’t be the only one looking at it!

Our Website Creation Services

  • Copy writing and content development to convince your web site visitors that they don’t even need to think about the competition.
  • Web based applications that don’t just look good, but enhance the visitor experience.
  • Design that fits your brand and image.
  • Design that looks great to users with brand-new software and fast connections – and works well for older computers too.
  • Keyword Research – what do people search for? (Helps you understand and communicate effectively with your online audience).
  • Search Engine Optimisation built in to ensure your site gets plenty of targeted traffic.
  • A scaleable website that you can update yourself.

We offer all these services as stand-alone services to people who already have sites built by other people. But we really think it works best – and saves you money – when you commission us to do the whole job. Why not contact us now to find out more?