What Exactly Are “Google AdWords”?

When you run a search using Google, Google uses its clever algorithms to return the search results that it thinks are most appropriate to your search. If you are the owner of a website and you want your site to appear on the results page for a search for “plumbers plymouth”, then you could try optimising your website to make it more relevant to this search. That is called “Search Engine Optimisation” or “SEO”. Clare Associates can help you with that.

However, sometimes SEO will only help you so much, especially if the search term you want to appear for is a highly competitive one. There are lots of plumbers in Plymouth. The answer in some cases will be AdWords.

plymouth plumbersWhen you run some searches, you will notice that the first three search results appear in a cream-coloured box under the small print heading “Ads related to [search term]”. These are paid adverts created using the AdWords system. You may also get an extra column of search results on the right of the page. These are also AdWords ads. The companies whose ads appear in these two places will be paying Google every time someone clicks on their ad and is taken through to their website.

Sometimes you’ll be looking at a website and you’ll see an advert on that website. Quite often that advert will be somehow connected to the website’s subject matter. For example, you might be reading through the latest news stories from the world of motor racing on a site for Formula 1 fans, and you’ll see an image advert for a tour company that is offering a special offer on an all-inclusive trip to see the Monaco Grand Prix next year. There’s a good chance that this advert is also an AdWords ad. You might also see video adverts before the next video you watch on YouTube or text ads appearing at the bottom of the video, and often these ads seem to have some connection to video you clicked on, or perhaps appeal to the same sort of person who would – these are also AdWords ads.

You might come across that same ad for the all-inclusive trip to the Monaco Grand Prix on a completely unrelated website. That’s probably because you visited the tour operator’s website, and they’d like to remind you about their offer. Maybe you got halfway through filling out the booking form – AdWords is flexible enough for that tour operator to try to “remarket” to potential customers who have visited their site, and even try really hard to get people who almost booked but didn’t quite finish the process.

That’s really only scratching the surface. AdWords is a very powerful system in the right hands.