So What’s So Great About Google AdWords?

Think about it. With conventional advertising, you don’t really know who sees your advert or if they are really interested in buying your product. A 30 second advert halfway through Coronation Street is fine if you’re launching a new chocolate bar and need to suggest it to as wide an audience as you can get, but if you’re trying to promote your surf shop in Newquay, that advert is going to be very expensive. You could advertise in surfing magazines, which would ensure that the people seeing your advert are probably surfers, but you still don’t really know that they are going to buy anything from you, and you’ll pay for that advert according to the magazine’s circulation.

With AdWords, you could run an advertising campaign that will show your ad when people search on Google for “surf shops cornwall” or “where to buy a surfboard in newquay” or “wetsuits online”. For AdWords search advertising like this, you’ll only actually pay for your advert if someone not only runs that search but also clicks on your advert.

AdWords is a brilliant example of what we at Clare Associates like to call “21st Century Marketing”. It enables you to target your advertising at people who might buy your product and decide what and where to advertise based not on guesswork but real data of what actually works.