Google Display and Video Advertising and Production

Clare Associates is a Google Partner, one of only a handful of agencies in the southwest to have achieved that status. Even fewer agencies have full Google accreditation in Display Advertising and Video Advertising.

Display Advertising

When you browse the web, you will come across image ads for all sorts of products and services on a variety of websites – news sites, blogs, special interest sites etc. Many of these ads will have been placed through Google’s ‘Display Network’ – a network of sites providing advertising space to Google that advertisers can use. Advertising in this way is handled through Google’s AdWords service. The advertiser has a lot of control over where his ads will appear – you can advertise on specific placements, or have Google find you sites that fit what you’re trying to sell. You can have your ads appear to people in a certain geographical area or who speak a certain language. You can even have your ads appear to people who have visited your website recently.


Display ad for our client Tropic Breeze – providers of luxury Caribbean holidays – appearing on top of the Telegraph website’s Caribbean travel page.

Video Advertising

Many sites on the Google Display Network also offer advertisers the ability to use video advertising – moving video ads rather than still image ads. This includes YouTube. If you spend any time on YouTube, you will know all about ‘in-stream’ ads – those ads that play before the video you want to watch. Many advertisers will be put off the idea of video advertising because they assume that professional production is necessary – and that this will be expensive – but this is really not the case. Professional looking results can be obtained with a little creativity and consumer equipment. Even a modern smartphone can produce good video if used well.

In fact, for YouTube and other online video advertising, you might want to avoid looking too slick and commercial in your advertising anyway – studies show that people are more likely to view video ads that look less like TV commercials and more like the sort of home-produced video clips that YouTube is famous for.

Talk to us about simple video production. Not all of your videos need to be adverts – video tutorials or video diaries or simply videos of your business can look great on your website and really help you to engage with customers and potential customers. We can also help you to set up your own YouTube channel.

This video is one we produced for Liberty Hair Extensions. For them, video tutorials showing how to make the most of their products are a good way to get the message out about what is a very new company with a great product.

If you do want to use your video(s) as an advert, we can help you to make the most of it using YouTube and the rest of the Google Display Network. We can help you to find the right placements, display keywords and bidding strategies. Here’s the advert we produced for Liberty:

It’s easy to get display and video advertising wrong, but with the right help, that’s no reason to be put off advertising on a rapidly growing medium that might be perfect for your business.

Even if you don’t have video footage, we can put together compelling videos for you using only still photos and interesting captions. Here is an example of a very inexpensive video we produced for BlackCat Automove using just that technique.


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