Google AdWords and Other 21st Century Marketing

We are proud to announce that Google has recognised Clare Associates as a Google Partner.

Google Partner

Google says “The Google Partner badge means that we trust you, and your clients should trust you. It shows your business is healthy, your clients are happy, and that you follow Google best practices”.

We provide a full Google AdWords service. We can run your entire AdWords account for you, maximising the return on your advertising investment.

  • Google Partner agency
  • Proper bespoke AdWords management provided at all times by a Google Qualified Advertising Professional
  • No automated management services – your account is managed by a human expert, not an automatic routine
  • We speak English, not jargon
  • We’re people who understand business, not just pretty adverts
  • Rescue and turnaround of existing disappointing AdWords accounts
  • Setup of new AdWords accounts
  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation and copy writing
  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising including image ad production
  • Video advertising including video ad production
  • Bid optimisation
  • Remarketing
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Campaign optimisation (this is so important, it’s worth repeating!)


Clare Associates is based in the Tamar Valley and serves clients around Devon, Cornwall and across the UK. We’d love you to choose Clare Associates to handle your AdWords campaigns. If you are looking for personal service, qualified and experienced professionals who understand business as well as creative advertising, and who will be¬†committed to your business, we think we’d be a good choice.

Call us on 01822 835802 for an initial discussion.