Recruitment Services

We believe that in many cases, the best person for your key vacancy may already be working in your business. That’s when you need us to help develop that person. Click here to see how we can help you to develop your existing staff.


We are not a ‘recruitment agency’, we are ‘consultants who can help you recruit’

On those occasions when you do need to hire a new key employee, we can help you with the process. Clare Associates is not a ‘recruitment agency’, so we don’t have lists of people who may or may not be qualified for your job. Rather we are ‘consultants who can help you recruit’.

What we do have is ten years of recruitment experience. We can help you with the initial job specification, creating application forms, deciding which candidates to interview, interviews, assessment centres and final selection.

Work simulation testing and group assessment

There will be occasions when a standard interview will not tell you enough about the ability of the candidate to do the job you want them to do. This is especially true of positions where the typical candidate has not done this kind of work before, for example a graduate trainee, someone with the qualification but not the practical experience or someone used to working on their own being recruited into a team environment.

In these cases, we recommend that the selection process includes some form of work simulation that tests the same skills that the successful candidate will need. We have experience of a varied range of work simulations and can work with you to create the right simulation for your business. Our simulations include group exercises, allowing you to see in one test how several candidates work in a team.

If you wish, we can run the simulation for you or with you. We can also provide the simulation as a packaged exercise with notes allowing you to run the same challenge in future without our help.

Why you need our help

While you will know best who is right for your business, we can help you to make the entire process fairer, more objective and more accurate. We can help you to avoid subconscious bias in your decision-making.

Our credentials

Mark Poles brings to Clare Associates several years of recruitment experience working for one of the UK’s largest recruiters of graduates and professionals. He has carried out first interviews and second interviews and has run group assessment centres. Mark also shares his experience as a recruiter with local schools, volunteering his time to help with interview training. The ‘You’re Hired!’ competition in Plymouth, which was Mark’s idea, uses a variety of different work simulations similar to the sort of exercise we develop for our clients.