Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

Be more effective at work. Manage your time better.


This training is aimed at staff below senior management level and aims to help make them more effective and more efficient at work. Subjects covered include:

  • How to be assertive without being offensive
  • How to gain the respect of your colleagues
  • How to be innovative
  • Making the right impact on your colleagues, your clients and your bosses
  • Making more time
  • Coping with email overload
  • Communicating effectively in the workplace
  • Time management and coping with conflicting demands
  • Avoiding distractions


As with all of our training courses, we tailor the content to suit your organisation’s needs, depending upon what it is that the course participants do in their jobs. There is no such thing as a standard Clare Associates course.

Too many personal effectiveness courses or time management courses are little more than regurgitations of common self-help textbooks. Our approach is different because it focuses on the areas that the individual course participant struggles with. Where possible, we actually ask the participants at the start of the training if they have particular problems or areas they wish to work on.


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