Financial Training for Non-Financial Managers

Whatever their specialism, managers need to understand the company’s finances. This training educates your senior non-financial employees in the company’s accounts and teaches them how to interpret financial data and key performance indicators. We also explain the company’s system of financial and operational controls. If managers are expected to enforce and comply with those controls, they should understand why they exist and how they operate.

It is important to stress that unlike other courses with similar names available from our competitors, this is not a generic course. This is a course specifically tailored to your business and its financial systems. Many courses with similar titles to this one will give your staff a grounding in accountancy and financial controls. Our course does that in the context of your company’s systems. Before the course, we therefore need to spend time with you and your financial staff to get to know your systems, your controls and your reports.

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Our credentials

Mark Poles is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He brings almost two decades of accounting experience to Clare Associates. His clients have included large multinationals, but he has spent most of his career advising small and medium-sized businesses. He is an experienced trainer and presenter.