Employee Surveys

Do you know what your employees really think? About you, about the company, about their work environment, about their remuneration? All of this would be useful information to help you run your business, but the chances are that if you ask your employees, they won’t answer honestly.

We can ask these important questions for you, using a combination of private interviews, group discussions and anonymous web surveys. We find that people are much more forthcoming when talking to someone from outside of the business, safe in the knowledge that their comments are anonymous. We then collate the data and present our findings to you.

Our credentials

Mark Poles has almost two decades of experience working in the professional services industry. As well as advising clients on people and organisational structure issues, he has considerable experience of people development, staff appraisal and talent identification. He has run detailed employee feedback programmes and set up employee surveys.

Mark is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Google Qualified Advertising Professional and a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. He holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford.