Business Strategy

We can help you to take a step back from your business and think strategically and for the long term. Our strategy consultancy services include:

Goal analysis

What do you actually want your business to achieve? Increase in value? Higher profits? Push for growth and not worry too much about risks? A more measured and perhaps more risk-averse approach? You may know the answers to these questions, but we believe that many businesses and business owners benefit from having their goals challenged by an experienced consultant. And we need to understand what you want out of your business if we are going to help you to get it.

Business risk analysis

Having established what your business goals are, the next step is to determine what might get in the way of those goals. We assess the risks your business faces through discussions with you and your key employees, wider research and our accumulated knowledge and experience. Then we categorise those risks according to the likelihood that they occur and the impact on your business if they did. Most importantly, we then work with you to find ways to mitigate those risks.

Product portfolio review

We assess your portfolio of products and services. Do you have the right mix now? Will it still be the right mix in the future as some products become less profitable? How does your portfolio compare to your competitors’? If you are a large company in the sector, can you continue to compete with smaller, more agile competitors? If you are a small company, can you find profitable niches? Do your products have a ‘long tail’ and if so are you marketing them appropriately? Do your products have unique selling points? How will demand for your services change in a recession?

Organisation structure review

In most medium and larger firms, the structure of the business is something that has developed somewhat haphazardly over time. As organisations get larger, the tendency is to create extra layers of management and bureaucracy to control a number of departments or divisions. This may not be ideal, but self-interest from those in the business may make it difficult to see this. We can bring an educated, experienced opinion that can look past the existing historical hierarchy to the organisational structure that is right for your business.

Competitor benchmarking

We compare your business to your competitors. How do your prices compare? How does your marketing and advertising compare?

Click here for examples of business strategy consultancy work we have performed in the past. Because of the confidential nature of this work, these examples are provided anonymously.

Our credentials

Mark Poles has almost two decades of experience working in the professional services industry. His clients over the years have included several large multinationals, but he has spent most of his career serving small and medium-sized businesses. As well as advising clients on strategy, risk and operational issues, he has considerable experience of people development through both formal skills training and less formal methods. He is an experienced developer and deliverer of training courses, has several years of experience in recruitment and has run innovation programmes and employee surveys.

Mark is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Google Qualified Advertising Professional and a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. He holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford.


Victoria Clare has been providing e-commerce advice, SEO consultancy and website management services to businesses large and small for over a decade including training in relevant e-commerce skills. Prior to that she worked in e-commerce skills training at the University of Liverpool and was marketing manager for an internet service provider.

Victoria is a qualified museum curator and holds a degree in Modern History from Saint Hilda’s College, Oxford.